Remove That Contaminated Insulation Right Away

See why contaminated insulation removal service is important in Clarkston & Decatur, GA

Animals living in your walls, attic or roof can damage and contaminate your insulation. Their urine and feces can encourage mold growth and lead to a variety of health issues, including respiratory illnesses. Animals invaders can also use insulation to build their nests, which reduces the energy efficiency of the insulation and leads to higher energy bills.

ProGuard Pest Control Services does insulation replacement work in Clarkston, GA and surrounding areas. You can trust us to remove contaminated insulation, sanitize your property and install new insulation to keep your family safe. Schedule your contaminated insulation removal service by calling today.

3 important reasons to get contaminated insulation replacement done

3 important reasons to get contaminated insulation replacement done

ProGuard Pest Control Services takes on contaminated insulation replacement projects in the Clarkston, GA area. Replacing contaminated insulation will help:

  • Keep you safe from numerous health concerns
  • Keep your energy bills from skyrocketing
  • Stop mold from spreading
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