Don't Let Terrible Termites Chew Through Your Structure

Arrange for termite control service in Clarkston & Decatur, GA

Georgia is one of the top three worst U.S. states for termite damage. If you think termites are chewing away at your structure, contact us right away. Termites can eat their way through wood framing, furniture and flooring at a rapid pace, causing major damage to your home or business.

ProGuard Pest Control Services does termite treatment work in Clarkston, GA and surrounding areas. We can spray the interior and exterior of your property to eliminate termites and keep them from returning.

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When is it time for termite treatment?

When is it time for termite treatment?

Need speedy termite treatment services? Choose ProGuard Pest Control Services in Clarkston, GA. You might have a termite infestation if you find:

  • Shelter tubes
  • Subterranean tunnels
  • Piles of termite frass
  • Presence of termite wings
  • Tiny holes in wooden surfaces
  • Sagging floors and hollow wood
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